Assure Forwarding

AF: Ramzi Marjaba (We The Sales Engineers)

Erwan James, October 30, 2020

Two firsts in this episode. Firstly its a new series! Assured Forwarding is a series where we will try and help you be the best interviewee possible for your dream networking job!

Secondly (firstly 2?) we have our first guest! In this episode we talk to Ramzi from We The Sales Engineers. Ramzi hosts his own podcast as part of his We The Sales Engineers initiative where he aims to bring together and create a community of sales engineers from around the globe to share knowledge and tips of the trade. In this episode we talk interviewing, what works and doesn’t work on a resume, how to best prepare for your dream sales engineering job in the networking industry!


Hosts: Bruce Wallis and Erwan James
Guest: Ramzi Marjaba

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