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AF: Michael Bushong on the future of DC networking

Erwan James, January 6, 2021

Remember the episode where we analyzed Juniper acquiring Apstra? Well Michael Bushong, VP of Datacenter at Juniper, was the brains behind that idea – he had a listen to the episode and reached out to have a chat. We had a great time with Mike and talked about of course the acquisition but much more including where AI/ML fits in the network, network disaggregation, SONiC, SmartNics… have a listen!


Hosts: Erwan James and Bruce Wallis
Guest: Michael Bushong

1:15 Who is Mike Bushong?
2:13 How was our analysis of the Apstra acquisition?
4:15 How does Apstra fit in with Contrail Fabric Manager, Q Fabric?
6:20 Does Juniper maintain Apstra’s multi vendor capabilities?
9:15 How does Apstra tie into Juniper’s Mist AI story?
13:40 AI and ML in the datacenter
29:42 Where is SONiC today, a rant
34:15 Why network hardware/software disaggregation, what is it trying to solve?
45:05 Where does SONiC/NOS fit into the value of disaggregation?
50:25 Is SONiC ready for the wider enterprise market?
55:45 What is the operational value in using SONiC for non-hyperscalers?
58:30 Do we know where we should be normalizing the network stack?
1:02:55 The networking hardware landscape in the datacenter, the Broadcom monopoly and where does it lead us
1:10:05 How does Broadcom maintain its footprint while fending off smaller players as well as maybe new large player entrants
1:14:05 SmartNICs why and when?
1:18:45 Question time: What are the 3 top challenges facing DC networks/operators/users over the next 5-10 years?
1:23:25 Mike’s top advice for aspiring executives in the networking space! 1:24:00 Final question: What is after ‘intent’, what is the next buzz word in the networking world?
1:27:15 Closing thoughts

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