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AF: Rob Shakir on all things OpenConfig

Erwan James, December 26, 2020

Finally we were able to put this together! Rob joins us and shares his wisdom and insight in a two part series where we discuss OpenConfig, gNMI, gNOI, PCEP, gRIBI, P4…and more! Tune in for a lengthy but awesome discussion.

Special thanks to Rob for recording this a second time as we were not able to release the first recording we did due to some audio issues.


Hosts: Erwan James and Bruce Wallis
Guest: Rob Shakir

1:07 Who is Rob Shakir?
5:04 The beginnings of OpenConfig
8:09 OpenConfig and the IETF
10:50 Convincing vendors to implement OpenConfig
14:28 Driver behind developing OpenConfig
19:45 Driving early adoption of OpenConfig
20:30 More thoughts on IETF Models vs OpenConfig
22:53 YANG validation
24:09 The YANG tooling problems and the solutions
35:40 YANG vs YAML
40:10 Datastores vs a common data tree
46:30 Tax of translation layers on box or on proxies
52:10 Should CLIs be modeled using OpenConfig?
52:30 How complete and adopted is OpenConfig on vendor NOSs?
1:02:10 RESTCONF vs gNMI
1:10:25 Using legacy networking methodologies vs developing new protocols and technologies
1:13:12 gNOI

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