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AF: Rob Shakir on why gRIBI

Erwan James, December 29, 2020

We’re back for part 2 with Rob Shakir. In this episode we hear from Rob on his reasoning for developing and using gRIBI rather than leveraging the likes of PCEP. We also chat about the various ways of collecting information from the network to make traffic engineering decisions – BGP-LS anyone?


Hosts: Bruce Wallis and Erwan James
Guest: Rob Shakir

3:00 Motivations of distributed vs centralized control plane
6:00 The right interface for the job?
8:00 Is programing the RIB management plane or control plane?
9:40 Why gRIBI?
11:40 How and what to collect from the network for traffic eng?
15:00 Is BGP really the right tool for the job?
18:30 What does the ideal traffic engineering world look like?
23:50 Hardware / FIB abstraction with P4 or other
33:00 Understanding your core business to drive the right technology choice
37:50 gRIBI adoption and current state
38:00 Who needs/uses P4/NPL?

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